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Customer Service Spotlight
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Put the spotlight on someone in your office!  Got a great customer service story?  Finally got an NCP to pay after 50 years of non payment?  Share your story with your fellow child support professionals around the state.  This is one way to show our employees that they are a valuable resource and that we are proud of the work that they do.  Also, to show other offices within the state what goals have been accomplished towards our mission of "putting children first".  We have the finest child support workers in the United States, let's brag on them!! 

Rapid Process Improvement

DCSS is implementing Lean Management methodology known as Rapid Process Improvement.  Rapid Process Improvement will identify, reduce and or eliminate waste in our current processes.
Our goal is to utilize experts (you) to make Child Support services Faster, Friendlier and Easier.  This concept drives and supports our commitment to standardization, uniformity and developing a culture of continuous improvement.

Staff and Office Directories

FileMaker Web Instructions - This document contains instructions for updating staff in your office.

FileMaker Web Access Help

Email Group Edits - This document contains instructions for updating the email groups within Outlook.

$TARS Issues & Special Requests

"Please send all issues to OCSSsystems"

$TARS Password Reset Requests

Email Password Reset Requests with your User ID and Mother's Maiden Name to the Security Administration Group at DHS-MFR-SECURITY@dhs.ga.gov for assistance. Password Reset Requests received by 2:00pm will be reset by the end of business day; Password Reset Requests after 2:00pm will be reset the next business day.

Note: Password Reset Requests will be processed throughout the business day as time permits. For all password questions and issues, email the Security Administration Group at DHS-MFR-SECURITY@dhs.ga.gov for assistance.

RACF ID Instructions and Forms
New Security Process for all RACF ID requests - Desk Guide
DFCS Form 283
RACF ID $TARS Application Form
$tars Level Change Form
RACF-$TARS Information Change Form
Special ID Request Instructions -- Special ID Request Form

For questions and assistance, please send an email to OCSSsystems@dhs.ga.gov.

Success Application
Please use the DFCS Form 357 below to apply for a Success User ID. In Part 1, please complete all sections and if a section does not apply, type "N/A"; sign and date numbers 8 & 9 of Part 1. Print and mail the completed form to: DCSS/ BRT 2 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30303; allow 7-14 days for processing.
DFCS Form 357

Please note for Part II of this form, there are 2 options to choose for access:
County - Option 5 - Social Services - This provides access to AU/Client Participation, registration, Employment Services inquiry access, alerts, scheduling, letters & notices, benefit history, clearinghouse, & vendor files.
Other - Option 05 - IV-D Child Support - Inquiry access to AU/Client participation, Employment Services, & benefit history.

For questions and assistance, please send an email to DHR-MFApps-Security@dhs.ga.gov

Contact Center

Constituent Services Portal Password Reset Instructions Please click here to view the NEW instructions to assist in questions from users to reset their own password without OCSS assistance.
Family Support Registry Current DocGen Forms
$TARS Customer Service Screens - Instructions

Business Resolution Team

$TARS System Process Mapping

$TARS System Configuration